Panama is a country so diverse and rich in history; it boasts first class infrastructure in a safe cosmopolitan capital city with luxurious hotels, fine dining, and a variety of shopping and leisure activities. It is also home to one of the world’s engineering wonders, the Panama Canal.

Take a step back in time and visit historical sites in Portobelo and Panama Viejo or see authentic Spanish Colonial architecture in Casco Viejo. The variety of services, amenities and destinations to explore enables you to create a new experience each and every day in Panama.

Ocean Reef Islands Hill comprise of two individual islands (East and West) of 103,251 mts2 and 87,552.95 mts2, respectively interconnected by bridges. A private residential community of unrivaled luxury and splendor. Ocean Reef residents, Club members and guests will enjoy a host of sumptuous amenities in a development that includes:

  • An island that will be enjoyed by a selected and limited number of privileged owners and guests.
  • A variety of home sites that redefine waterfront property ownership surrounded by an array of exclusive living options for connoisseurs of luxury with access to a full range of world class facilities.
  • Luxurious 2-3 level Garden Apartments with splendid views to the Gulf and Panama City equipped with exceptional facilities where the residents’ convenience and leisure are the highest priority.
  • Exquisite Design Guidelines enforceable throughout the islands that guaranty the language and eminence of the properties.
  • Lush landscaping, parks and recreational areas including Tennis will be featured prominently throughout the project.
  • Fiber optics across the islands vital to keep you connected to your business and/or personal interests.
  • The islands will be connected to the mainland by two bridges of approximately 160 meters each, making the commute to and from the mainland in only 5 minutes.
  • 24-hour restricted access monitored by a highly-trained security team will insure safety and privacy.

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Exclusivity and Luxury have never been so obvious in any development. Ocean Reef residents are only those who enjoy the finer things in life, for them quality is not a desire, it is a reality. With this person in mind, Ocean Reef Islands have been created. Being a member of the Ocean Reef community is a privilege.

Ocean Reef will be the only place in the city where you can engage in a true island experience - tranquil, private. As an unspoiled refuge at the edge of the Gulf of Panama, Ocean Reef Islands welcomes you to experience the genuine freedom and luxury to set your own pace in a midst of timeless natural splendor. The view is spectacular, with the Panama Canal and at your backdrop the City’s Old Quarter to the west, while the emerging Costa del Este neighborhood, with its rising skyscrapers and glass facades to the east will serve as the setting for your afternoon tea or glass of wine. To the north, you will find all the offerings of a metropolitan city and to the south, the incomparable beauty of the unspoiled Pearl Islands minutes away by plane or yacht.

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Every day the intangible becomes a reality. We continue with the construction and placement of rock on site obtaining visible results.
We are pleased to inform the future residents that we have made adjustments to the 'Ocean Reef Marina' with the prestigious firm of JJR, increasing the mix of mega yachts up to 300 feet and facilitating the construction of private slips per residential lot, which will be situated on the perimeter of the marine
Watch live the progress of the construction of the first man-made islands in Latin America.